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I'm dedicated to helping people find their past. Contact me so we can get started.

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Image of wedding photos and clipping of a newspaper from Cleveland, Ohio

I'm Melanie Proctor,

a professional genealogist, excellent writer, and ace researcher. I founded Passiflora Research so I can use my two decades of writing and research experience to help others find their family histories, locate missing family members, and more.

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About Me

Melanie Proctor was born and raised in California, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an innate curiosity about history and people's stories, she founded Passiflora Research to help others find their past. When not combing through records in search of answers, Melanie enjoys musicals, gardening, and baking.


 Melanie worked in public service for twenty years as a civil litigator, capping her legal career with civil rights cases brought on behalf of low-income tenants, farm laborers, an investment firm intern, and employees at entertainment and tech companies. The results raised the bar for what government agencies can accomplish with effective enforcement. During her legal career, she wrote hundreds of briefs for cases litigated in federal and state court. She also conducted dozens of interviews and depositions. She brings that expertise to bear on each genealogy project she tackles.

I found out about Melanie by accident, as she hired me to digitize her great-grandmother's demo records and tape, but what a happy accident! She thoroughly took me back five generations on my paternal side and now I’m excited for her to research my mother’s family. She is very thorough and provided a written research letter and a family tree, along with documentation supporting her findings. She also provided suggestions for further research.

Five stars!

--Mark "Wally Sound" McClellan

Owner of the Wally Sound recording studio, Oakland, California

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